How can Asset Leadership Influence Infrastructure Spending?

ALN CEO Jim Dieter has said for years, “Our bridges are not falling down because we don’t know how to maintain them. They are falling down because political leaders have not marshalled the will to address the complex issues of maintaining our infrastructure.”

Now that legislation is in place to provide funding for infrastructure improvement, what do federal, state, and local leaders need to do to ensure investments are made for the holistic lifecycle of assets?


  • Amelia Shachoy, Asst. Dir., Infrastructure, U.S. GAO; 
  • Peter Dodgion, Asset Management Program Manager, USACE, Civil Works; 
  • Lou Cripps, II, Senior Manager, Asset Management, Denver Regional Transit District; 
  • Ben Clark, Group Manager Assets and Infrastructure at Town of Walkerville, South Australia; 
  • Mildred Chua-Ulger, ALN Board of Directors Member, IAM Knowledge Leadership Group, Chair; 
  • Iain Cranston, Infrastructure Asset Management at icInfrastructure; 
  • Michael DeMers, Director, Public Sector, Grant Thornton;
  • David Totman, VP of Asset Management, Innovyze; Member, US TAG to ISO TC-251/55000; ALN Senior Fellow;
  • Michael Bordenaro, ALN Executive Director will facilitate

Infrastructure spending needs to be strategically appropriated to support human flourishing. To do this, integrative valuation systems that synthesize and prioritize stakeholder needs can be created within a Strategic Asset Management Plan guided by international consensus standards – such as ISO 55000.

Included in the Roundtable discussion will be:

  • Key elements of the infrastructure bill;
  • What needs to be understood by leaders about holistic infrastructure asset management;
  • What leadership techniques are needed for different infrastructure sectors;
  • What indicators are visible about ensuring successful outcomes, and more.
    This Roundtable is a prelude to the 2022 Q1 ALN Summit “Sustainable Value Creation from
    Infrastructure Asset Leadership.”

ALN A55K Professionals 2022 Q1 Gathering

The Asset Leadership Network is establishing Quarterly Gatherings for those who have achieved ALN A55K Professional Certification.

The evolving format will start with:

  • ALN Updates and Insights;
  • Special guests;
  • An A55K Professional will provide a talk or presentation; and
  • Open discussion among A55K Professionals who ask to share their voice and video.

On Tuesday 1 February at 3 pm Eastern, newly appointed ALN Executive Director, Mike Bordenaro, will talk about the year-round slate of programs being launched in 2022 and initiatives that are allowing the ALN to have a greater impact on the evolution of asset management and the emergence of asset leadership.

Special Guest Jim Dieter, ALN CEO, will provide a brief history of the ALN and ALN A55K Professional Certification.

Mike Santos, an engineer who has been involved in asset management for most of this century and is a leader at a major U.S. airport, will talk about what he learned from the ALN A55K Professional Certification training.

Programs will be recorded and made available to ALN A55K Professionals.

And please contact Mike Bordenaro if you are interested in presenting at an ALN A55K Professionals Quarterly Gathering in 2022.

A prelude to the ALN A55K Professionals 2022 Q1 Gathering:

This Thursday 20 January the ALN Th@3 pm ET web discussion program will feature Lindsay Ziegler, President, Andrew James Advisory Group and Alex Barenblitt, LMI, Senior Consultant, Logistics Planning and Optimization. The two will discuss many elements of the ALN A55K
Professional Certification training and exam. Register at this link.