USCG Calls Out ISO 55000 to Congress

The ISO 55000 management system for asset management was cited by U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral Nathan Moore in a 2019 Statement to a U.S. House of Representatives Transportation Subcommittee.

Admiral Moore is the USCG Assistant Commandant for Engineering and Logistics. In his statement on Coast Guard Shore Infrastructure, Admiral Moore covered shore plant inventory, funding, continuous improvement and other issues.

Admiral Moore stated: “The Coast Guard’s Civil Engineering Program executes construction and sustainment of shore infrastructure in support of Coast Guard personnel and their families, enabling mission resilience in the face of natural and man-made threats.

“Our goal is to maximize the lifecycle of Coast Guard shore infrastructure — from docks and hangars to housing and childcare facilities — managing assets using globally recognized standards, such as the International Organization for Standardization 55000, and benchmarking to industry and other agency best practices.

“By holding ourselves to these standards, we deliver mission-ready facilities, which support Coast Guard operations around the world.”

The Asset Leadership Network applauds Admiral Moore for making Congress aware of the value that can be gained by adhering to the management system principles detailed in ISO 55000.

We are proud to have a number of U.S. Coast Guard staff and former executives speak at our annual events over the years.

For the full statement from Admiral Moore, click here.