Value from Intangible Assets and the 6 Capitals Roundtable

The idea of taking many measurements of success is very much aligned with the values of ISO 55000. The 6 Capitals approach represents the idea that you need to look at more than just profit as the measurement of financial success. The ALN is happy to open a discussion with the Licensing Executives Society, which looks at the 6 Capitals approach to financial evaluation and other multi-capital approaches to valuing organizations and their Intellectual Property, which constitutes much of the value of publicly traded companies. Learn how asset management structures, such as ISO 55000, can help organize non-tangible assets to give organizations more value.

Mary Adams, Founder, Smarter-Companies; Bill Elkington, Managing Member, Mind IC, LLC; Past President and Chair, Licensing Executives Society, USA and Canada; Past Chair, LES Standards; Ron Laurie, Chair Licensing Executives Society, Silicon Valley Chapter, Managing Director, Inflexion Point Strategy; Marty Rowland, ALN Senior Fellow; Jim Dieter, CEO, ALN;