Water & Wastewater Asset Leadership Board Sessions

ABS Group used its work with water treatment plant owners to create the foundation of a paper on how ISO 55000 benefits this critical asset category. The ALN provided review, comments, and edits to provide foundational information that crucial for water treatment plant executives. Owners of other asset categories can apply the foundational information to their work.

Special thanks to ABS Group

Mark West, Senior Director of Reliability Services, ABS Group; Michael Bordenaro, ALN, Director, Communications

This panel will discuss topics brought up in the ABS Group – ALN White Paper and other topics including criticality, risk management, and the conference themes of Leadership, Equity, and Value

Tacoma Zach, ALN Senior Fellow and President of MentorAMP; David Totman, ALN Senior Fellow and ASCE Liaison to ISO 55000 ; Jennifer Zach, COO, Uberlytics; Mark West, Senior Director of Reliability Services, ABS Group; Hugh Sinclair, Division Manager. Asset Management at WSSC Water;

Special thanks to Uberlytics and MentorAPM