Webinar Establishes How to Make an Asset Management Road Map

The Asset Leadership Network and member organization 4tell Solutions provided a Road Map Webinar that was recorded and can be seen:


The recorded webinar addresses the recent White Paper on High Performance Organizations and ISO 55000.

Jim Kavanagh, Chairman of 4tell Solutions, summed up the webinar by saying, “We are all working toward the same goal and that is optimizing the performance of assets across and enterprise. The key takeaways from today’s discussion is for organizations to look at the right place to start, assess where they are in the asset maturity lifecycle, look at the opportunity to improve and find some low hanging fruit where they can start to build on success. (The paper) will change the mindshare in an organizational structure to shift from what has been traditionally tactical level asset management to asset management as a strategy for an organization to move toward high performance through optimizing assets.”

Organizations interested in starting the journey toward high performance using the ISO 55000 management system for asset management will benefit from watching the video prior to reading the White Paper, which is available on the “Papers” page of the Asset Leadership Network website.