ALN 2021 National Issues Series

ALN engages the executive function of organizations to initiate and enhance a management systems approach to increase asset value to stakeholders.

This was demonstrated to executives of the U.S. Federal Government and contractors in the ALN 2021 National Issues Series. Program recordings are available at this link.

Starting with established U.S. evaluations by the U.S. Government Accountability Office and the American Society of Civil Engineers, the ALN then followed with commentary and suggestions on paths forward.

The ALN National Asset Leadership Strategy, developed with Grant Thornton, was shown as a first step in addressing many of the issues brought up in the GAO High Risk Report and the ASCE Report Card for America’s Infrastructure. The ALN Advancing Equity with Asset Leadership Committee showed how use of ISO 55000 can address issues identified in Biden Administration Executive Orders. ALN Senior Fellows provided concise insights on how to address sector-specific issues facing the nation.

If your organization is interested in expressing solutions to National Issues, contact Mike Bordenaro, Director, Communications at