Equity through Innovative Asset Management

Equity Through Innovative Asset Management Thank you to those of you who attended the "Equity through Innovative Asset Management" program. Our Keynote speaker Governor Martin O'Malley provided exceptional leadership insights, verbal case studies and poignant anecdotes from his time as Mayor of Baltimore and Governor of Maryland.  He emphasized the ability of technology to greatly enhance understanding of inequity and the ability to show the path to equity. https://youtu...

2021 National Asset Leadership Strategy

It became obvious that in order gain benefits from a proven, international asset management structure, the U.S. would need a template National Asset Leadership Strategy for legislators and agency executives to adapt in support of their goals and mission success. With the strong support of ALN Organizational Member Grant Thornton, the ALN published a document and presented it to the Biden-Harris Transition Team, just as it presented asset management recommendations to the Tru...

Advancing Equity with Asset Leadership in 2021

In 2020, the ALN prepared the Advancing Equity with Asset Leadership position paper to highlight the value of ISO 55001 4.2 – identifying relevant stakeholders and learning their requirements – and the other places stakeholders are mentioned. While it sounds simple, it is very complex to involve all relevant stakeholders. But President Biden started his Administration by signing the “Executive Order on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through t...

ALN Senior Fellows 2021 Paths to Success

The ALN Senior Fellow Program was established to provide industry-specific experts a platform for presenting best practices that can be repeated by others in their field – and can be adapted by leaders in other fields. Learn what ALN Senior Fellows think of the GAO High Risk Report, the ASCE Infrastructure Report Card and how their initiatives can improve issues highlighted in these reports. ALN Senior Fellow presenters include: Tacoma Zach, President, Uberlytics, a...

ASCE 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure

Every 4 years since 2001 the ASCE has issued an Infrastructure Report Card on the state U.S. infrastructure assets. It’s first Report was issued in 1998. This year, experts graded 17 infrastructure asset categories individually and generated an overall U.S. Infrastructure grade. The overall grade improved to a “C-”. Learn why some categories improved, while others did not. And learn why the ASCE sees how improved asset management can contribute to the U.S. continuing to rais...

U.S. GAO High Risk List

us government
https://youtu.be/HUnth22Z0Xs Every 2 years for decades, the GAO has issued a High Risk List — those federal programs that are at highest risk of fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement.  Federal asset management has been on that list for 18 years in the form of federal real property management. It’s still on the list this year, but it is not a broken record.  This year, GAO removed one of the four areas from the list while another area regressed a little.  What...