ALN Newsletter 25 January 2022

This week’s ALN Th@3 pm ET web discussion program will feature Moshe Nelson, Principal, Public Policy, Grant Thornton and ALN Senior Fellow. As always, see more below in people.

“How can Asset Leadership Influence Infrastructure Spending?” is the title of the ALN Roundtable on Monday 31 January 3 pm Eastern. Speakers include: Amelia Shachoy, Asst. Dir., Infrastructure, U.S. GAO; Peter Dodgion, Asset Management Program Manager, USACE, Civil Works; Lou Cripps, II, Senior Manager, Asset Management, Denver Regional Transit District; Ben Clark, Group Manager Assets and Infrastructure at Town of Walkerville, South Australia; Mildred Chua-Ulger, ALN Board of Directors Member, IAM Knowledge Leadership Group, Chair; David Totman, Vice President of Asset Management, Innovyze, ASCE Member of US TAG to ISO TC-251/55000, ALN Senior Fellow; Iain Cranston, Michigan Infrastructure Council advisor; Michael DeMers, Director, Public Sector, Grant Thornton. Register at this link.



Moshe Nelson, Principal, Public Policy, Grant Thornton, has been a driving force for the ALN National Asset Leadership Strategy, ALN Law Enforcement Sector Asset Leadership Strategy, and ALN Heath Care Sector Asset Leadership Strategy. Mr. Nelson has been instrumental in securing, high-level informative speakers for ALN programs. He serves federal clients, such as DHS and State. Mr. Nelson will be talking about how 2022 is shaping up for the U.S. Federal Government, Grant Thornton, and the ALN on this week’s ALN Th@3 pm ET web discussion program. Register at this link.


Value from Federal Asset Management

The ALN 2021 annual event featured a panel of federal asset management executives. We have referenced this program in the past, but prior to our “How can Asset Leadership Influence Infrastructure Spending?” Roundtable, we think that either the short highlight clips or the entire program at this link is a good backgrounder. Special attention can be paid to Chris Vick’s comments that the recent infrastructure bill gives the Bureau of Reclamation $3.2 billion over 5 years to address maintenance backlog, because they had an asset management plan that listed all of their needs.


Learn From FERC Commissioner Clements

Allison Clements, Commissioner, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, is featured in a web program Tuesday 25 January at 11 am Eastern as part of a Policy Leadership web series by Resources for the Future. Commissioner Clements will discuss priorities for her 5-year term. Topics she will address include grid resilience, environmental justice and equity, the Biden administration clean energy agenda, and her decades-long career in energy law, policy, and regulation. Register at this link.


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Upcoming Events

Every Thursday at 3pm Eastern

January 27

Moshe Nelson, Principal, Grant Thornton; ALN Senior Fellow 

OGC Disaster Pilots Demonstrations
Jan. 25 10:30 Eastern

OGC Disaster Pilot 2021 prototyped and demonstrates end-to-end capabilities that integrate OGC standards, data, services, and state-of-the-art technologies to support decision makers and responders in times of crisis.

How can Asset Leadership Influence Infrastructure Spending?
Monday 31 January 3 pm Eastern

ALN Roundtable – speakers from the U.S. GAO, Federal Agencies, ALN, and others. CEO Jim Dieter has said for years, “Our bridges are not falling down because we don’t know how to maintain them. They are falling down because political leaders have not marshalled the will to address the complex issues of maintaining our infrastructure.”

Now that legislation is in place to provide funding for infrastructure improvement, what do federal, state, and local leaders need to do to ensure investments are made for the holistic lifecycle of assets? Register at this link.

ALN A55K Professional Certification Training Course
Starts February 7th 2022

From the Andrew James Advisory Group, this 2-week, web-based training course prepares students in all aspects of ISO 55000, 55001, and 55002 in order to pass a 50-question web test from the ALN. For more information go to: