ALN Newsletter October 12 2020

Follow this link for information on a web course focused on understanding and application of ISO 55000. 

A new, 2-week course begins on 9 November 2020 to prepare people for the
 ALN 55K Professional Certification Exam starting 20 November 2020.
This week’s newsletter is a little different. It has two parts. 

The first is a response to Lt. General (ret.) Russel Honore’s call for a “new model” to address disaster preparedness and resiliency. General Honore is guiding the unified response to Hurricanes Laura and Delta. The first week of the 2020 Asset Leadership Forum – reStructuring America clearly outlines and provides the core content for a new model.  

The second part of the newsletter details the next 5 web events that continue reStructuring America on October 13, 14, and 15. The upcoming web events continue the years-long development of this new model with content addressing: Inequity, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Facilities and our first all-Spanish web event. Details are below.

1)  General Russel Honore is guiding the ongoing, unified response to Hurricanes Laura and Delta, which have revisited disaster on already stricken areas of Louisiana and Texas. On Friday 9 October, General Honore repeatedly told the press, “We need a new model.” “We need a new model.” “We need a new model.” 

One interpretation of the request is that the U.S. approach to disaster response needs to be adjusted to the reality of current conditions, not old political and financial models.

A call for recognizing a proven path that can serve as the “new model” was made during the first week of the 2020 Asset Leadership Forum – reStructuring America. The week included:

  • a representative from the U.S. GAO stating that a report including a disaster readiness approach tied to asset management could be ready by April 2021; 
  • a representative from the U.S. Department of State calling for those who understand Asset Leadership and Asset Management to take responsibility for unified U.S. mission success; 
  • the USACE Civil Works report on top leadership’s call for a Strategic Asset Management Plan based on ISO 55000; 
  • a representative from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation talking about the benefits to 60% of the U.S. water supply from a systematic approach to Asset Leadership and Asset Management during the pandemic;
  • the CEO of the Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company explaining how ISO 55000 helped his organization respond with agility to COVID-19;
  • the ALN National Asset Leadership Strategy 2020 presented with representatives from Grant Thornton as a path to addressing the impact of unprecedented natural and man-made disasters – and more.

The Asset Leadership Network suggests a proven, international, consensus-based approach – such as ISO 55000 – acts as the framework for the new model that General Honore request.


2) The second week of the ALN 2020 Asset Leadership Forum – reStructuring America features:

  • Addressing Inequity with Asset Leadership;
  • Pharmaceutical 4.0 Asset Management;
  • reStructuring Federal Facilities Asset Management;
  • Healthcare Asset Management in 2020 and Beyond; and,
  • ALN Español.

See more details below. 

Addressing Inequity through Asset Leadership
Tuesday 13 October 1 pm – 2:30 pm Eastern

Marc Morial, President of the National Urban League and former Mayor of New Orleans will begin a web event connecting asset leadership with the ability to resolve inequity and inequality.

Speakers include:
– Marc Morial, President, National Urban League;
– Daniel Ortiz Plata, ALN Senior Fellow, President, Ortiz Ruiz Consultants;
– Eric Brown, ALN Senior Fellow and DHS, Director, Mobile Assets & Personal Property;
– Cecilia Mowatt, Esq., President, Strategies In Site;
– Hugh Sinclair, Asset Management Section Manager, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission;
– Mike Bordenaro, ALN Director, Communications

Special thanks to the National Urban League

Pharmaceutical 4.0 Asset Management 
Wednesday 14 October 10:30 am – noon Eastern

The pharmaceutical industry was required to incorporate planned improvements sooner than anticipated. Successes that can be replicated and issues to avoid can be transferred among industries.

Speakers include:
– Bob Smith, CAI Principal Consultant, Asset Management and Reliability and ALN Senior Fellow;
– Mark Giuliani, ALN Senior Fellow, President, Giuliani Digital;
– Nick Kissel, Director, CMMS Data Group

Special thanks to the International Pharmaceutical Engineers Association

reStructuring Federal Facility Asset Management
Wednesday 14 October 1 pm – 2:30 pm Eastern

Current advancements in federal facility asset management point to dramatic improvement based on systematic approaches and clear interpretation of existing policy.

Speakers include:
– Ken Burgess, Executive Director, Assets and Logistics, Office of the Chief Readiness Support Officer, Department of Homeland Security (not pictured);
– Cameron Oskvig, National Academies, Federal Facilities Council, Director;
– Bill Brodt, Experimental Facilities Engineer, NASA;
– Jack Dempsey, ALN Senior Fellow; Mike Aimone, ALN Senior Fellow;
– Keith Cunningham, U.S. GAO, Assistant Director, Infrastructure; 

Special thanks to the National Academies Federal Facility Council

Healthcare Asset Leadership in 2020 and Beyond
Thursday 15 October 1 pm – 2:30 pm Eastern

The COVID-19 Pandemic created the need for dramatic leadership changes that will continue for many years. What have we learned and how can it be leveraged? Learn how dynamic leadership and early adoption of ISO 55001 prepared University Health System, which is certified to ISO 55001, for the challenges of today and years to come.  Hear from health care asset management experts and current and past VA Chief Engineers.

Speakers include:
– Michael Roussos, Hospital Administrator for the University Health System;
– Arthur Kurland, Director, Capital and Asset Management, University Health System and ALN Senior Fellow;
– Frank Estalla, Compliance Auditor, Integrity Services, University Health System;
– Tia Maragos, Principal, Andrew James Advisory Group;
 Ezra (Ed) Safdie, Director, Grant Thornton;
– Ed Litvin, Chief Engineer, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (not pictured)

ALN Th@4 – ALN Español
Thursday 15 October 4 pm – 5 pm Eastern

In a first for the ALN, ALN Español will present an all-Spanish language dialogue addressing why the ALN was formed, why it is important to have ALN Español, and how using the ISO 55000 series to address risk management can provide benefits to public and private organizations that want to improve the value derived from their assets. Case studies will be provided.

Speakers include:
– Daniel Ortiz Plata, ALN Senior Fellow, President, Ortiz Ruiz Consultants;
– Cecilia Mowatt, Esq., President, Strategies In Site;
– Horacio Martirena, PhD, Director, M&A Consultores and Committee Member, ISO TC 176 (ISO 9001), TC207 (ISO 14001), TC251 (ISO 55001) and TC283 (ISO 45001) (not pictured)

Por primera vez en la historia de ALN, ALN Español presentará un diálogo en español para exponer la razón de su creación y de su importancia, y para analizar cómo el uso de la serie de normas ISO 55000 permite abordar la gestión del riesgo en las organizaciones públicas y privadas que quieran mejorar el valor derivado de sus activos. Se proporcionarán algunos casos de estudio para ilustrarlo.