Presentations from the 2016 Federal Asset Management Policy Forum are now available for download.  The following links will open the chosen presentation in a new window.

GSA Commissioner Norman Dong Federal Asset Management Keynote

David McKeown Institute of Asset Management

Jack Kelly Organizational Context Slides

Strategy and Planning Working Group

Organization and People Enablers Working Group

Organization and People Enablers Case Study on Competence Management from Commisioning Agents

Risk and Review Working Group Presentation

GAO Keith Cunningham ALN Presentation

Risk and Review Case Studies from Fox Blocks

Decision Making Working Group Presentation with Case Study from Uberlytics

Knowledge Enablers Working Group Information Management Focus

Asset Knowledge Enabler Case Study on Information Management with BIMStorm

Lifecycle Delivery Working Group Presentation

Lifecycle Working Group Case Study from RS Means by Gordian

ASCE Report Card by Casey Dinges

Federal Facilities Category Management Overview by Mary Ruwwe, GSA