ALN Newsletter 23 February 2021

ALN Podcasts are now available at this link. For this week's ALN Th@4 on February 25,  Jennifer Tursi, Manager, Technical Committee Operations, ASTM International will be speaking with Mike Bordenaro, ALN, Director, Communications. Register at this link and, as usual, see more below. Below is information on the ALN Español webinar addressing professional certification on understanding of and use of ISO 55K on February 24, 6pm Eastern. Peo...

Demystifying Standards and Certifications – 10/8 – 1pm Eastern

restructuring america
Organizational and professional certifications are critical core components to dramatic mission success and increased value from assets. Understand how to incorporate the best means for your organization’s success. Speakers include: Rhys Davies, Global Consulting Leader for Asset Management at Atkins and Chair of ISO 55000 Committee TC251;Jennifer Tursi, Manager, Technical Committee Operations, ASTM International. Rich Culbertson, ALN Senior Fellow and ...