Kris Goly – ALN Th@4 ET

Kris Goly
Schedule - Future Events Video Recordings - Past Events Chats with industry leadersInteractive presentations from innovatorsTimely panelsand other informative formats Every Thursday at 4 pm Eastern we will put a light on important and relevant asset leadership and asset management topics. The flexible format will feature thought leaders and influencers from around the world. The programs will address pending legislation, review asset management disasters, chats wit...
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ALN Newsletter 5 January 2021

Welcome to new ALN organizational member MyPropertyIDRegistry, which helps individuals and organizations tag assets for security and other purposes. An ALN A55K Professional Certification web course from the Andrew James Advisory Group will run from February 8 – 19, 2021 for those looking to fulfill resolutions about professional development and improving their organization. Learn more at this link. We think it very appropriate that the first ALN Th@4 of 2021 on January 7 will featur...
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ALN 2020 Year End Letter

Goodbye and good ridance to 2020. Welcome 2021! We hope you are able relax a little and enjoy safe time with people close to you.  After this year, we all deserve, and need, that.But 2020 was not all bad for the ALN. The understanding that a few people can make significant impact on organizations, including the U.S. Federal Government, was greatly reinforced – and expanded.The goal of being a small network with a clearly beneficial structure for improving mission success was demonstrate...
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