Cecilia Mowatt, Esq. – ALN Th@3

Cecilia Mowatt, Esq., Owner, Strategies In Site, Inc. Jim Dieter will be talking with her about a range of topics including equity in asset management. https://youtu.be/kuwMxpD7Um8 click here for transcript https://youtu.be/4KmMN0y2GGo
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Dominic Townsend – ALN Th@3

We are starting our 2022 ALN Th@3 pm ET discussion program series with Dominic Townsend, President, ABS Quality Evaluation, and ALN Board of Directors member, who will be talking with Jim Dieter about ALN increased programming in 2022. Dominic Townsend, President, ABS Quality Evaluation & ALN Board of Directors https://youtu.be/n4cKHFbAASY https://youtu.be/av8ci41dcXI Full Transcript Disclaimer: ALN Th@3 is produced to be viewed/listened to. Transcriptions are ...
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Dr. Dorothy Robyn – ALN Th@3

Dr. Dorothy Robyn, Nonresident Senior Fellow at Boston University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy and Board Member of the National Academies Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment https://youtu.be/aoOQSezKLb8 click here for transcripts https://youtu.be/pXRYUOale-M click here for transcripts https://youtu.be/oB0vuMcGRwM
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