Moshe Nelson – ALN Th@3

Moshe Nelson, Principal, Grant Thornton, Co-Publisher of the ALN National Asset Leadership Strategy and the Law Enforcement Sector Asset Leadership Strategy. Mr. Nelson will be talking about trends that are shaping federal, state, and local government in general and federal law enforcement specifically on this week’s ALN Th@3 pm ET web discussion program.

Special A55K – ALN Th@3

This special program with Lindsay Ziegler, President, Andrew James Advisory Group talking with a graduate of the ALN A55K Professional Certification course and A55K certificate holder, Alex Barenblitt, LMI, Senior Consultant, Logistics Planning and Optimization. Lindsay Ziegler, President, Andrew James Advisory Group

Dominic Townsend – ALN Th@3

We are starting our 2022 ALN Th@3 pm ET discussion program series with Dominic Townsend, President, ABS Quality Evaluation, and ALN Board of Directors member, who will be talking with Jim Dieter about ALN increased programming in 2022. Dominic Townsend, President, ABS Quality Evaluation & ALN Board of Directors Full Transcript Disclaimer: ALN Th@3 is produced to be viewed/listened to. Transcriptions are ...

Open Discussion – ALN Th@3

Speakers included: Lisa Cooley, Better Building with Data and Technology - Vice President, Federal Solutions at Gordian; Art Kurland, Director of Capital and Asset Management at University Health; Jim Dieter, ALN CEO; Jack Kelly ALN Senior Fellow; Nick Knoke, ALN Director of Technology; click here for transcript

Dr. Dorothy Robyn – ALN Th@3

Dr. Dorothy Robyn, Nonresident Senior Fellow at Boston University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy and Board Member of the National Academies Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment click here for transcripts click here for transcripts

Next Steps – Open Web Discussion – reStructuring America

Every year, we find people with a driving passion for asset management who can use like-minded support. This year we are inviting new friends, and old, for an open meeting to share what they see as important and how they can help. Jim Dieter, ALN, CEO; Moshe Nelson, Principal at Grant Thornton and Public Sector Strategist and Supply Chain Management Solution Lead; Mike Bordenaro, ALN, Director, Communications; Cecilia Mowatt Esq., President, Strategies in Site; Nick Knoke, ALN, Director, Tec...