ALN A55K Professional Certification Web Course

the Andrew James advisory group
February 8 - 19, 2021 The Andrew James Advisory Group (AJAG) is again offering a 2-week course requiring 2 -3 hours per business day leading up to taking the ALN A55K Professional Certification exam. AJAG’s web course material has been validated by the ALN as preparing students with knowledge of the principals of ISO 55000 and the ability to successfully complete the ALN A55K Professional Certification exam, which is proctored remotely. More informatio...
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ALN Newsletter June 10 2020

One way to see things is: Asset Leadership – policy, strategy, executive approval of tactics and operations. Asset Management – mastery of tactics and operations with input to executive decision making. Your organization may have mastery of tactics and operations, but how does your policy and strategy look? If they don’t include ISO 55000, there is room for improvement.  If they do include ISO 55000, let us know. People Tia ...
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