Advancing Equity with Asset Leadership Roundtable

A web roundtable discussion will address key asset management equity issues – starting with ISO 55001 4.2, which states, “involve all relevant stakeholders.” Cecilia Mowatt, Esq., President, Strategies In Site; Mildred Chua-Ulger, former NYC MTA, Director Enterprise Information and Asset Management; Chris Silkie, City of Portland Oregon, Parks & Recreation, Asset Manager; Toby Kizner; AMCL, Director of Operations (USA); Nick Knoke, ALN, Director, Technology ...

LCE – ALN Resiliency Whitepaper Presentation and Panel

Mitigating risk with proven asset leadership systems thinking to improve resiliency can provide insights for many organizations with multiple asset portfolios. Jesse Rothkopf, Managing Principal, Life Cycle Engineering; Dragan Komljenovic, Senior Research Scientist, Hydro-Quebec Research Institute; Michael Bordenaro, ALN, Director, Communications; Brian Weaver, Vice President, Risk and Reliability Services at ABS Group

Asset Management Visualization with Agent of Change, David Albrice

A visually-aided discussion on how to bring value through Asset Management Systems and leadership, and how sophisticated 3D animations are being used as an awareness-building technique to engage more effectively with different stakeholder groups. David Albrice, Director, AIM Asset Insight Management, and Board Member for the Canada Institute of Asset Management; Nick Knoke, Director, Technology, ALN