ALN Newsletter 11 January 2022

Cecilia Mowatt, Esq., will be the guest this week on ALN Th@3 pm ET. ALN CEO Jim Dieter will be talking with her about a range of topics including equity in asset management. As always, see more below in People. We are pleased to start 2022 with personnel announcements. First, Mildred Chua-Ulger has agreed to be a member of the ALN Board of Directors. Ms. Chua-Ulger is retired after more than 30 years in key roles with the NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority. She is also the global lea...

ALN Newsletter 4 January 2022

Happy New Year! We think 2022 is going to be a lot better than last year. But that is what we thought about 2021…so don’t let up, keep vigilant, and stay focused on your measurements of success. We are starting our 2022 ALN Th@3 pm ET discussion program series with Dominic Townsend, President, ABS Quality Evaluation, and ALN Board of Directors member, who will be talking with Jim Dieter about ALN increased programming in 2022. Register Here - ALN Th@3 pm ET - January 6th P...

ALN Newsletter 28 December 2021

the Andrew James advisory group
2021 was an intense year. Our Organizational Members and our supporters responded to numerous unusual work and personal issues. The uncertainty that existed, and continues to exist, is not easy on anyone. Despite the challenges, the constant message we heard all year is that there is a better way. It is possible for an organization to gain dramatic benefits through a structured approach to asset management. In 2021, the ALN was privileged to provide many ways for people to share this m...

ALN Newsletter 21 December 2021

Happy Holidays and hopeful rest to the highly active ALN community. Leaders are very busy people and it is good that every once in a while society forces at least a little break from the intensity of problems we face. We hope you find joy and happiness in the coming weeks. We are happy to announce Assetic, Inc. as a new member of the ALN. Founded in Australia, the asset management software company and consultant also has offices in Canada and England. It is now owned by U.S. based Dude Softw...

ALN Newsletter 14 December 2021

The ALN Roundtable: Sustainability and Asset Management will be held this Wednesday 15 December 3 pm Eastern to address many issues, including the difference between sustainability and reliability. Please join an expert group of ALN supporters as they spark thinking, learning, and advanced understanding on how asset management can be used to help an organization sustain its mission success and help it contribute to the sustainable use of public assets such as clean water and clean air.  Reg...

ALN Newsletter 7 December 2021

The overwhelming success of ALN Roundtables during our 2021 web conference has prompted us to start a monthly ALN Roundtable series starting next Wednesday 15 December at 3 pm Eastern. See more below in Ideas. We are also happy to continue promoting the excellent work of the U.S. Government Accountability Office with a web discussion this Thursday at 3 pm Eastern with Matt Cook, Assistant Director, Infrastructure, U.S. GAO. As usual, see more below in People. Register for ALN Th@3 pm ET ...

ALN Newsletter 30 November 2021

The ALN is growing, and we like to grow from within. Like-minded colleagues can see more below about how students, recent graduates, and recent retirees, can gain experience with webinar production, web management, video editing, social media, and other tasks related to association management. Dr. Dorothy Robyn will be our guest on this Thursday's ALN Th@3 pm ET on December 2, 2021. As always, see more about Dr. Robyn below in People. People This is the first...

ALN Newsletter 23 November 2021

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Patron Members, Organizational Members, Board Members, ALN Senior Fellows, presenters, and numerous supporters of the ALN. Your active participation and encouragement helped bring our mission of advancing asset leadership and asset management to new heights in 2021. Thank you all for your unified efforts. How appropriate that Thanksgiving week is the week after the Infrastructure Bill was signed into law. So there is a general thanks for all of the good asset ma...

ALN Newsletter 16 November 2021

Thank you to the more than 80 executives who spoke at the ALN 2021 reStructuring America – Building on Success web conference. The extensive knowledge and experience shared made the conference an unqualified success. All 31 programs were recorded and are available at this link. Highlight clips are also available, and more are coming. In order to bring more attention to the wealth of recorded content from our distinguished guest speakers, presenters, and experts, we are initiating a Video Hig...