LCE – ALN Resiliency Whitepaper Presentation and Panel

Mitigating risk with proven asset leadership systems thinking to improve resiliency can provide insights for many organizations with multiple asset portfolios. Jesse Rothkopf, Managing Principal, Life Cycle Engineering; Dragan Komljenovic, Senior Research Scientist, Hydro-Quebec Research Institute; Michael Bordenaro, ALN, Director, Communications; Brian Weaver, Vice President, Risk and Reliability Services at ABS Group

Asset Management Visualization with Agent of Change, David Albrice

A visually-aided discussion on how to bring value through Asset Management Systems and leadership, and how sophisticated 3D animations are being used as an awareness-building technique to engage more effectively with different stakeholder groups. David Albrice, Director, AIM Asset Insight Management, and Board Member for the Canada Institute of Asset Management; Nick Knoke, Director, Technology, ALN

Federal Law Enforcement Executive Web Chat and Panel

Many years of Federal Law Enforcement programs have shown agencies readily exchange their experience to bring value to the nation. This year, the ALN Federal Law Enforcement Board has also established a draft Federal Law Enforcement Strategic Asset Leadership Structure (SALS) to guide national thinking toward dramatic benefits from shared best practices on asset leadership. Conversation with Federal Law Enforcement Executives will surround presentation of the SALS.

Value from Intangible Assets and the 6 Capitals Roundtable

The idea of taking many measurements of success is very much aligned with the values of ISO 55000. The 6 Capitals approach represents the idea that you need to look at more than just profit as the measurement of financial success. The ALN is happy to open a discussion with the Licensing Executives Society, which looks at the 6 Capitals approach to financial evaluation and other multi-capital approaches to valuing organizations and their Intellectual Property, which constitutes much of the value...

Healthcare Asset Leadership Board Presentation

The ALN has been addressing healthcare asset management since we gave the VA, DoD, OMB, NIBS, and contractors a 2017 Impact Award for Federal Collaboration on a healthcare planning system. With University Health as an Organizational Member and Art Kurland as an ALN Senior Fellow, we are still a vehicle for the most recent healthcare asset management knowledge and insight. Organizational Members Grant Thornton and Andrew James Advisory Group also provide a depth of knowledge on the subject. Join...

U.S. Air Force Asset Leadership Update

The USAF is an ongoing a leader in the current asset management evolution because they always take the lead in utilizing the most advanced ways of working to bring back every pilot from every mission. The USAF has been generous in sharing its use of ISO 55000 and a structured approach to asset management to improve mission success. Hear about their latest achievements and how you might learn from them. Russell Weniger, Chief, Silver Branch, Installation Engineer Division, AFIMSC, USAF; Brend...