Federal Law Enforcement Executive Web Chat and Panel

Many years of Federal Law Enforcement programs have shown agencies readily exchange their experience to bring value to the nation. This year, the ALN Federal Law Enforcement Board has also established a draft Federal Law Enforcement Strategic Asset Leadership Structure (SALS) to guide national thinking toward dramatic benefits from shared best practices on asset leadership. Conversation with Federal Law Enforcement Executives will surround presentation of the SALS. https://youtu.be/VgG8t...

Federal Law Enforcement Asset Leadership – 10/20

2020 asset leadership forum
Key federal agencies will show how to apply asset leadership to law enforcement activities.Cross pollination of common problems will be addressed with repeatable processes. https://youtu.be/WoFCAeM6QV4 Speakers include: Ken Burgess, Executive Director, Assets and Logistics, Office of the Chief Readiness Support Officer, DHSMoshe Nelson, Principal and Asset Management Lead, Grant ThorntonKaren Lopez, Chief, Asset Management, Federal Bureau of InvestigationsEric Brown, ALN Senior Fello...