Federal Asset Managers Session – ALN Th@4pm ET

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Bob Leitch, ALN Senior Fellow is leading a panel with Chris Vick, Asset Management Director, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (not pictured); Peter Dodgion, Asset Management Program Manager, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works; and Keith Hanigan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Operations, Bureau of Administration, U.S. Department of State https://youtu.be/vYzIwxOMsmg https://youtu.be/oGeQ1Aap6og https://youtu.be/--qTguRmQ4A https://youtu.be/s5aLaUeSfBc https://youtu.b...

Special ALN Th@4 Web Chats in October

Register Here The ALN Th@4 web chats every Thursday at 4 pm Eastern have become an engaging way for high-level executives to have informal discussions about asset leadership and asset management issues that are important to them. Because there are typically no slides and the guest and the host have an informal, 30-minute, unscripted discussions about important issues, the format has proven to be highly dynamic and informative. A few of the chats have had “over time” added on after th...