ALN Español – ALN Th@4pm ET

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Por primera vez en la historia de ALN, ALN Español presentará un diálogo en español para exponer la razón de su creación y de su importancia, y para analizar cómo el uso de la serie de normas ISO 55000 permite abordar la gestión del riesgo en las organizaciones públicas y privadas que quieran mejorar el valor derivado de sus activos. Se proporcionarán algunos casos de estudio para ilustrarlo. In a first for the ALN, ALN Español will present an all-Spanish language dialogue addressing why the...

Special ALN Th@4 Web Chats in October

Register Here The ALN Th@4 web chats every Thursday at 4 pm Eastern have become an engaging way for high-level executives to have informal discussions about asset leadership and asset management issues that are important to them. Because there are typically no slides and the guest and the host have an informal, 30-minute, unscripted discussions about important issues, the format has proven to be highly dynamic and informative. A few of the chats have had “over time” added on after th...

ALN Newsletter July 15 2020

The ALN is launching “ALN Th@4”. Every Thursday at 4 pm Eastern will be a 30-minute program featuring thought leaders and influencers from the U.S. and around the world. The programs will address pending legislation, review asset management disasters, feature chats with government officials and others, and provide interactive presentations. Ideas ISO 26000Managing SocialResponsibility The ALN enthusiastically supports the use of ISO 55000 managem...