A Global Discussion on Value in Asset Management

Part of the Value and Benefits of Asset Management web series with our Australian colleagues Peter Kohler and Sally Nugent of AM Reflections, this web program is a discussion on why value matters and how to address value in terms of asset management. Joining Mr. Kohler and Ms. Nugent will be the ALN’s Jack Kelly and Mike Bordenaro. https://youtu.be/ckK4W3GCswQ https://youtu.be/Od5R7nxJAmM

Jack Kelly and Yvonne Carney – ALN Th@3

Jack Kelly, ALN Board of Directors, ALN Senior Fellow, and Yvonne Carney, Strategic Performance Director, WSSC Water; Both are members of the TC 251 Work Group and Members of US TAG Mirror Committee 3, Communications, which Ms. Carney leads. They discuss an extensive communication plan for the US TAG, which is launching its own website for the first time. Full Event https://youtu.be/6_HHmkNZzS4 Website Demo https://youtu.be/5zpJTpoKOD0 Commercials https://youtu.be...

ALN Newsletter 28 February 2022

Special Monday Issue of the ALN Newsletter Today, Monday 28 February at 2 pm Eastern:How to Achieve Long-Term Success with IIJA  An ALN Roundtable with: Sita Egan, Infrastructure Investment and Management Branch Supervisor, Asset Management Division, at Bureau of Reclamation;Peter Dodgion, Asset Management Program Manager, USACE, Civil Works;Dan Mathews, Head of Federal Sales, WeWork; Former GSA Public Building Commissioner;Chris Roberts, PhD, Principal, Infrastructure and Project...

Jack Kelly – ALN Th@3

Jack Kelly, ALN Board of Directors Member and ALN Senior Fellow, is on the ISO TC 251 Working Group 7 Committee which is writing the ISO 55011 guidance for development and application of public policy to enable asset management. Mr. Kelly sees a very close alignment of ISO 55011 with the ALN National Asset Leadership Strategy and understands how these documents can help the U.S. gain the most value from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Mr. Kelly will talk with Jim Dieter, ALN CEO abo...

ALN Newsletter 22 February 2022

An Embarrassment of Programming Riches Now is the time to talk about and understand what is possible when asset leadership and asset management is linked to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Don’t worry that you can’t attend everything we have scheduled for the next couple of months – we are recording everything and creating video highlights for you to share.  ALN February Roundtable: How to Achieve Long-Term Success with IIJAFebruary 28 at 2pm Eastern - Register at ...

Colonel (ret.) Ronald Bordenaro – ALN Th@4

colonel retired
https://youtu.be/4dA-RWFi4Zg https://youtu.be/f1eawOBBEt4 Colonel (ret.) Ronald Bordenaro's extensive career includes more than 30 years of active and reserve service in the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Because of his reserve service, Col. Bordenaro also had a full career as an educator and 8 years as the Village of South Holland Building Code Enforcer. With Masters’ Degrees in both Education and Warfare, he has been a life-long advocate ...

Jack Kelly – ALN Th@4

jak kelly
https://youtu.be/hREP8asnQVM https://youtu.be/0y4r_qs5i6s Jack Kelly, ALN Board of Directors Member and ALN Senior Fellow has been a great value to the ALN – and to any organization he is involved with. It is an honor to have Mr. Kelly’s insights and ability to connect dots between the many issues he is actively involved with after leaving the OMB after 36 years of continuous service. It is an even greater honor that Mr. Kelly credits the ALN with getting him invol...

Jack Kelly – ALN Th@4pm ET

guest jack kelly
Register for ALN Th@4 Video Recordings Chats with industry leadersInteractive presentations from innovatorsTimely panelsand other informative formats Every Thursday at 4 pm Eastern we will put a light on important and relevant asset leadership and asset management topics. The flexible format will feature thought leaders and influencers from around the world. The programs will address pending legislation, review asset management disasters, chats with leaders and pr...

The Future of Assets – 10/6 – 1pm Eastern

2020 asset leadership forum
A Keynote by Jim Dieter on the meaning of “Asset Leadership”, an overview of events, a presentation on the ALN National Asset Leadership Strategy 2020 and a panel on the Future of Assets will kick off the series of web events. https://youtu.be/Dn8Eh_2ZBEk Speakers include: Jim Dieter, ALN CEO; Jack Kelly, ALN Senior Fellow, formerly with OMB for 36 years; Jennifer Zach, ALN Board Member, Uberlytics, CMO; Moshe Nelson, ALN Senior Fellow, Grant Thornton, Principal and Asset Management...

ALN Newsletter July 22 2020

ALN Th@4 – this Thursday at 4 pm Eastern - Jack Kelly, ALN Board Member and Senior Fellow, chats about an initiative to improve international listing of ISO 55001 certification and compliance-oriented organizations and why it matters. Register for ALN Th@4 Ideas Correct Policies toCreate Equality “America’s national housing policy gives affluent homeowners large benefits; middle-class homeowners, smaller benefits; and most renters, ...