Jennifer and Tacoma Zach – ALN Th@4

Jennifer and Tacoma Zach, have been long-time supporters of all elements of the ALN. They are both involved in the ALN Water & Wastewater Asset Leadership Board. Their company, Uberlytics, LLC creates and supports risk-based management programs. It’s sister company, MentorAPM, is a cloud-based Asset Management Performance software that extends uptime and delivers on digitization for companies that want to improve mission success. Schedule - Future Events Vid...
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ALN Newsletter 18 May 2021

This week’s ALN Th@4 pm ET on May 20th will feature a chat with Tacoma and Jennifer Zach, co-founders of Uberlytics and MentorAMP conducted by Mike Bordenaro, ALN Director, Communications. As always, see more below in People and register at this link. The "Equity through Innovative Asset Management" webcast with former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley on May 25, 4 pm Eastern will also feature Grant Thornton's Tim Luzano who will be presenting publicly available transit information from a ma...
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Jennifer Zach – ALN Th@4pm ET

jennifer zach guest
Register for ALN Th@4 Video Recordings Chats with industry leadersInteractive presentations from innovatorsTimely panelsand other informative formats Every Thursday at 4 pm Eastern we will put a light on important and relevant asset leadership and asset management topics. The flexible format will feature thought leaders and influencers from around the world. The programs will address pending legislation, review asset management disasters, chats with leaders and pr...
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The Future of Assets – 10/6 – 1pm Eastern

2020 asset leadership forum
A Keynote by Jim Dieter on the meaning of “Asset Leadership”, an overview of events, a presentation on the ALN National Asset Leadership Strategy 2020 and a panel on the Future of Assets will kick off the series of web events. Speakers include: Jim Dieter, ALN CEO; Jack Kelly, ALN Senior Fellow, formerly with OMB for 36 years; Jennifer Zach, ALN Board Member, Uberlytics, CMO; Moshe Nelson, ALN Senior Fellow, Grant Thornton, Principal and Asset Management...
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