October 11 – November 12

Presentations from Keynotes, Panels, Roundtables, and Discussions:

Week 1:
11 October – Advancing Equity with Infrastructure Asset Leadership
12 October – ALN Water & Wastewater Asset Leadership Board
Adopting the ISO 55000 Asset Management Framework for the Water and Wastewater Industries
Mark West, Senior Director, Reliability Services, ABS Group
13 October – What About Value from Government Personal Property Assets? A Roundtable
Jim Dieter, ALN CEO
14 October – Value from Federal Asset Management

Week 2:
19 October – Advancing Asset Management with Certification and Training
Richard Dietz, DC Government, Project Manager – Capital Asset Replacement Scheduling System at Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO)
20 October – Asset Leadership and Transportation Program
Kimon Onuma, President, Onuma, Inc., an ALN Patron Member
21 October – ALN Español: ISO 55001 Certification in Central and South America
Spanish Language Program
English Language Program

Week 3:
26 October – U.S. Air Force Asset Leadership Update
Russell Weniger, Chief, Silver Branch, Installation Engineer Division, AFIMSC, USAF
27 October – ALN Healthcare Asset Leadership Board
Arthur Kurland, Director, Capital and Asset Management, University Health System and ALN Senior Fellow
27 October – Value from Intangible Assets and the 6 Capitals Roundtable
28 October – Federal Law Enforcement Asset Leadership Board
Jonathan Schneider, Manager at Grant Thornton Public Sector

Week 4:
2 November – Resiliency and Asset Leadership
–  Dragan Komljenovic, Senior Research Scientist, Hydro-Quebec Research Institute
3 November – Advancing Equity with Asset Leadership Roundtable
Chris Silkie, City of Portland Oregon, Parks & Recreation, Asset Manager
4 November – ALN Electric Utility Asset Leadership Board

2021 Asset Leadership Week:
8 November – U.S. GAO Infrastructure Update
Amelia Shachoy, Assistant Director, U.S. GAO Infrastructure
9 November – ISO 55K Update & Issues and Evolution Roundtable
9 November – Value and Benefits from Asset Management with Australian Asset Man. Council
10 November – U.S. Department of State 
Real Property
Overseas Buildings Operations