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If you haven't already, checkout our podcasts! Podcasts This is one of our favorites featuring Dr. Kofi Smith from Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company, LLC (AATC). "Diversity actually promotes higher efficiency and outcomes. If you build your city to have an equitable level of service delivery for all, your city is far more capable of growth." - Hugh Sinclair, PMP Hugh is Asset Management Section Manager with the WSSC (Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission)...

reStructuring Infrastructure Policy and Strategy – 10/7 – 1pm Eastern

2020 asset leadership forum
Understand ISO 55000 as key to solving the complex issues involved in improving U.S. infrastructure. We can’t make the same mistakes again. Speakers include: Dr. Kofi Smith, CEO and President, Atlanta Airlines Terminal Corporation; Mildred Chua, Director and Program Executive, Enterprise Information and Asset Management, New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority;Marty Rowland, New York City Parks Department; Dragan Komljenovic, Senior Research Scientis...

ALN Newsletter September 3 2020

Dynamic, engaging and necessary keynotes, special presentations, panels and more will inform attendees about the vital roles asset leadership and asset management play in fortifying organizations, including the U.S. Federal Government. Register for web events from October 6 – 22 below: Register Now ALN Th@4 – this Thursday, September, 3 at 4 pm Eastern – ALN Senior Fellow Tacoma Zach will chat Jim Dieter about ISO 55000 certification processes, Water and Wastewater asset leaders...