Newsletter 11 April 2023

April 12, 2023 offers an embarrassment of riches for ALN web programming. We are facilitating the ALN BIMStorm – Higher Education Final Presentation at 4 pm Eastern. We are then co-facilitating the Value and Benefits from Asset Management with the Australian Asset Management Council at 6 pm Eastern. See more about both far below. Congratulations to ALN Patron Member Definitive Logic, which has been named a 2023 Best Place to Work in Virginia by Virginia Business magazine. Great job Team DL! ...

Newsletter 4 April 2023

This is now officially the Asset Leadership Network Line of Sight newsletter. Thanks again to Mark Knight, PE, MCE, FIAM, Senior Management Consultant, 1898 & Co. for suggesting the title, which represents the clear communication between the C-Suite and boots-on-the-ground that gets asset management done. It is the evolution of human tools and processes that allows this clear Line-of-Sight understanding of mission activities that enabled Asset Management to birth the concept of Asset Lea...

Newsletter 28 March 2023

See more in Upcoming Events below about the final NPMA Asset Management Awareness Month event featuring the ALN’s good friend, Dr. Douglas Goetz. As part of Asset Management Awareness Month, see this essay about how the ALN BIMStorm – Higher Education program made history last week by being the first public demonstration we know of to showcase Artificial Intelligence creating a Building Information Model with rooms and personal property assets in the rooms. Congratulations to ALN Platinum Me...

Newsletter 21 March 2023

Continue celebrating March as Asset Management Awareness Month. See more in Upcoming Events below about NPMA events and the ALN BIMStorm – Higher Education web program March 22 at 4 pm Eastern. On ALN Th@3 pm ET this week we will talk with Richard Culbertson about what may be a systemic failure of asset management recognition by U.S. gas utilities and distributors. See more below in People. Register here. Jacobs: Challenging today.Reinventing tomorrow. People ...

Newsletter 14 March 2023

We are in the heart of NPMA’s Asset Management Awareness Month. See more in Upcoming Events below. Jacobs: Challenging today.Reinventing tomorrow. People David Totman will be our guest on ALN Th@3 pm ET this week and will talk about the recent ASCE “Fly In” activities on Capitol Hill. Mr. Totman is Thought Leader Strategy with Autodesk’s Innovyze and he is the American Society of Civil Engineers voting member to the US Technical Advisory Group to the ISO Techn...

Newsletter 7 March 2023

Our Australian Asset Management colleague, Peter Kohler, informed us that the U.S. DoD was instrumental in establishing the asset management systems approach that led Australia to become a leading country in this industry. But the U.S. commercial industry did not necessarily cash this asset management “Defense Dividend” as early as Australia did. This week’s newsletter shows how the thoughts and actions of people highly involved in the U.S. DoD are still leading us forward in different, but uni...

Newsletter 28 February 2023

Asset management can be complex, messy, frustrating, and challenging – yet ultimately highly beneficial to an organization’s mission. The process of helping an organization improve with a structured approach to asset management is captured very well in proven ALN BIMStorm web-based workshops. A new session of interactive workshops starting again on March 1 at 4 pm Eastern. See more below in Sources and far below in Upcoming Events. Register at this link. Jacobs: Challenging today...

Kimon Onuma – ALN Th@3

Kimon Onuma, President, ONUMA, Inc., an ALN Patron Member, discusses the California BIMin’, the Summer 2022 BIMStorm that will feature the Los Angeles Community College District and others who use a web-based Building Information Modeling approach to asset management. This “digital twin” approach to asset management captures planning decisions and information in cloud databases to be used throughout the life of a project – and all the assets in it. Mr. Onuma has led award-winning public BIMStor...

ALN Newsletter September 3 2020

Dynamic, engaging and necessary keynotes, special presentations, panels and more will inform attendees about the vital roles asset leadership and asset management play in fortifying organizations, including the U.S. Federal Government. Register for web events from October 6 – 22 below: Register Now ALN Th@4 – this Thursday, September, 3 at 4 pm Eastern – ALN Senior Fellow Tacoma Zach will chat Jim Dieter about ISO 55000 certification processes, Water and Wastewater asset leaders...